Phonathon shows student the impact of giving

Name: Cora Shefchik
Age: 19
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education with Early Childhood Education and Special Education endorsements

What was the most memorable story you heard from someone you called during Phonathon? I spoke to one alumna who made a donation. She gives every year. In fact, she said she wished she could give more. I told her every dollar helps so whatever she was able to give would be greatly appreciated by me and my fellow Duhawks. During training, it was demonstrated how important giving is to the College. To hear how much people love Loras, and how their gifts are benefiting me, is pretty cool.

How did your experience with the Phonathon change your view on philanthropy at Loras? Has it made you more aware of the help you have received from donors? It is inspiring to see all of the people who donate to Loras College regularly. All of the Duhawks I spoke with had great experiences while they were at Loras. They want to give back to ensure my peers and I have great experiences, too. Due to the generous support of those who give to Loras, I have received numerous scholarships to help make Loras more affordable. I feel truly blessed and grateful to those individuals who faithfully support the College.

In addition to Phonathon, what other activities are you involved in at Loras? I participate in numerous activities on campus. I am on the Women’s Tennis Team, Loras College Activities Board (CAB) where I am the vice president/traditions chair, a delegate on the Outreach Committee for Dance Marathon and eDUcation Club committee member.

Why did you choose to attend Loras and what do you like most about being a Duhawk? The main reason I chose Loras was so that I could play tennis. I stay because I love the education, community and atmosphere. I always feel welcome, which helps me be less homesick. My favorite thing about Loras is being part of the Duhawk family.