Campaign Quarterly Feature Story

1st Academic Affiliate to the Iowa Space Grant Consortium Since ISGC’s Founding

What happened to the water on Mars? Can elements in nature help improve our machines? What can be done about pollutants in agricultural runoff?

Loras students and faculty now have the opportunity to answer these questions thanks to the College’s recent affiliation with the Iowa Space Grant Consortium (ISGC), part of NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. This affiliation enables Loras to apply its strong engineering, science, technology and math programs to explore the unknown in new and innovative ways.

ISGC was founded in 1990, and Loras is its first academic affiliation since that date. ISGC supports aerospace research, education and outreach activities for all Iowans through five program categories: internships, fellowships, scholarships; higher education; research infrastructure; precollege; and informal education.

This affiliation allows faculty to apply for funding through ISGC competitions in higher education and research infrastructure programs. They can use these opportunities to conduct applied research and develop course curriculum dealing with NASA research areas.

Students now have many exciting possibilities to both apply their knowledge and gain new understanding by participating in a NASA research area or project. By applying to NASA internships, fellowships or scholarships through NASA or ISGC, they gain the opportunity to study the earth and greater universe.