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Chemistry/Biochemistry Boards Marks 10th Anniversary

When the Loras College Chemistry/Biochemistry Board of Visitors convenes next week over homecoming, it will mark the 10th anniversary of the alumni commitment to the success of Loras students pursuing a chemistry major.

“The Board provides a unique type of support to our program by providing outside perspective, chances to network with current students and raising funds for program initiatives,” Adam Moser, professor of chemistry, said. “The Board is a testament to how much these alumni love Loras College and the support and relationships they found in the Chemistry program.”

The Board was created by alumni with a love and appreciation of the program from their time on campus. Their focus is on assisting in students to succeed and supporting the faculty.

Over the course of the day, the alumni will engage with the students by visiting General Chemistry and talking with the students about their experiences at Loras and why chemistry was a good choice for them. They will also hear a research talk regarding board-supported Ken Kraus Summer Research Program, have lunch with the chemistry club and host a social for more casual discussions.

The Board will also hear from the faculty on changes going on in the program, including new faculty hires and retirements, changes to course and success stories of recent graduates. Additionally, they will share their perspectives from what they see in their respective fields. They also look at fundraising progress and ways they can contribute to the program.

“In the ten years the Board has been around, it has supported the program and students in so many ways that just would not have happened without them,” Moser said.