Crabill Brings Experiences Back to Loras Students

Chad Crabill (’15) speaks to a Criminal Justice class.

Since graduating from Loras, Chad Crabill (’15) has returned each year to speak to criminal justice students and share his experiences as a Dubuque police officer.

This year, students became familiar with their speaker on television before he stood before them in class.

Crabill appeared in an episode of “The Murder Tapes,” a series on the Investigative Discovery Channel that retells crime stories through the use of body camera videos and first-hand accounts from the officials involved.

“It was honestly pretty surreal to appear on a TV show,” he said about the experience. “When the opportunity came up to be on show, I was all for it. I thought it would be great for people to see my body camera video  to explain what I was thinking during that time and the investigative steps taken.”

The episode recalls a 2017 murder case in Dubuque. Crabill was the responding officer and the first on the scene.

“I received numerous calls and texts from family and friends saying they saw me on the show. Everyone I have spoken to couldn’t believe I went into that house alone and found the murder scene,” he said.

A Dubuque native, Crabill utilized his Loras education to forge his career with the Dubuque Police Department (DPD).

“My time as a student greatly shaped my career path and got me prepared to enter the workforce. I was lucky enough to have a paid internship with the DPD during my senior year and get exposure to being a police officer. The skills I learned in the classroom helped develop my writing and communication skills, which are critical to law enforcement. I like being able to give back to the Dubuque community which is where I was born and raised.”

Being able to share his experiences is what brings Crabill back to campus each year. He enjoys the interaction with students while giving back to the College.

“Any chance I get to come up and speak to a class at Loras I jump on it. I love being able to give back to the Loras community and tell them about law enforcement. The response I get from the students is they are always actively engaged and eager to learn. I can go in front of the class and talk about my job but what I really like is when am I able to answer any questions the students have.”