Taking the Pledge to Stop Hurtful Language and Actions

DuUnite Pledge Signing

Students, faculty and staff have come together to take steps to make Loras a more inclusive campus for all by signing the DuUnite pledge.

“The DuUnite Pledge is a way to help bring everyone on campus together to support each other for being unique individuals while also being united as Duhawks,” Sergio Perez, director of intercultural programming, said. “Loras is our home and everyone should feel comfortable here.”

The pledge is the first step for the campus community to get involved with disrupting behavior and language that can create a hostile environment for our campus. The introduction of the pledge led to more than 200 signatures and a strong start in the effort to make everyone feel more at home.

To have so many students, faculty and staff come out and sign the pledge is an encouraging first step, Perez said. It shows that there is a desire in all areas of Loras to be more inclusive to everyone.

The pledge states:

I PLEDGE to share the responsibility of creating an
environment where everyone is respected.

I PLEDGE to interrupt biased language and
actions when I encounter them.
I PLEDGE to unite against hate,
harassment, and discrimination.
I PLEDGE to respect the inherent dignity and
uniqueness of every individual and view diversity
as an asset that contributes to our personal
and collective growth.
You Hurt One, You Hurt All.”

The initial signing was followed by an open mic night where attendees were able to share their ideas on how to put the pledge into action. Additional DuUnite activities will be introduced in the future as new Duhawks come to campus.