Pat Hunt

Internship has junior engaging fans in stands

Students are receiving real-world experience throughout the country and world thanks to the LorasCollege Center for Experiential Learning (CEL), including junior Pat Hunt, a media studies major. He’s busy engaging fans in the stands for the Chicago Dogs minor league baseball team.

What does a typical day at your internship look like?
Typically, we’ll get to the stadium 1 1/2 hours before gates open. Our job is to ensure that all in-game promotions run smoothly, and we cast the correct contestant who we feel would do well in a particular on-field promotion. After our pre-game meeting, gates open, and it’s show time! When we aren’t with the mascot, helping out at the KidsZone, or making sure our assigned promotion runs smoothly, we’re floating around the stadium helping out where needed. So, all those games you see on the field and Jumbotron during professional sports games, there’s a whole promotions staff behind it!

How did Loras prepare you for the internship?
Loras has prepared me exceptionally well for this internship because it has taught me how to communicate with a wide variety of people. At Loras you’re exposed to all kinds of people, and those are the exact people you’ll have to work and get along with in the real world. Every day at Loras and with the Chicago Dogs is different, which makes my college experience so compatible with this internship.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?
I hope to gain the experience needed to enter the sports industry following graduation. The great thing about minor-league baseball is you are exposed to much more than just your direct internship description. As a media studies major at Loras, I’ve been exposed to a professional social media team and broadcast crew in addition to just my promotion duties. I feel being exposed to so much only helps me prepare for a future in sports and media.

Favorite part?
The best part by far is the friendships being made as a result of all the common interests we all share as interns. Going to work in a baseball stadium hardly qualifies as work to me, and it’s been an incredibly valuable experience thus far. The lasting friendships you make double in value as you realize the amount of connections you can make in a given industry in just one summer.

What advice would you give current interns or those thinking about it?
My advice for those interested in interning would be to take every opportunity to learn once you’re there. You never know who could be watching you, and that one good deed you performed when you thought nobody was looking could wind up being the starting point for a promotion within the company. Always stay on your A-game, and have fun with what you’re doing! Odds are you’re interning in the field you want to work in for the rest of your life, so have fun while you’re at it! You’ll only perform well if you’re loving what you do!

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