Loras College Dance Marathon
Reaches $2M Mark

Loras College Dance Marathon Reaches $2M Mark

By: Madison Tolley (’19)

Loras College Dance Marathon (LCDM) celebrated fundraising over $200,300 on April 27th, 2019. LCDM is a yearlong, student-run organization dedicated to fundraising for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital located in Iowa City. In addition to the many fundraisers held throughout the academic year, the organization hosted its culminating spring event, where hundreds of Duhawks showed their support by dancing and standing on their feet for 12 consecutive hours.

On the night of the event, student Brooke Boddicker (’19) said, “We wanted to hit the $2,000,000 mark for LCDM’s existence. We did that, and exceeded that.”

The organization achieved this goal in just 12 years, which is a substantial feat, especially for a small college. LCDM is the top dance marathon per capita in the nation for fundraising. Its mission is to provide financial and emotional support to children and families inflicted by illnesses or injuries, hoping to show that in spite of everything the families go through, they are not alone.

After this year’s success, members of the organization are excited for the years to come where they can continue creating miracles.