Lillian Feltes Continues a Family Legacy at Loras

Clockwise from top: Todd Feltes (’95), Kathy Feltes (’95), Lillian Feltes (’23)

Despite growing up in Northfield, Minn., it was difficult for Lillian Feltes (’23) to not be aware of Loras College. With multiple generations of her family all Loras alumni, it came up once or twice.

“I was always very aware of Loras because of the fact that my parents and many Aunts and Uncles who had gone there,” Lillian said. “I heard a lot about Loras growing up. When it came time to start looking at schools Loras was one of the first schools that came up.”

As she began her college search, her parents Todd (‘95) and Kathy (Linden) Feltes (’95) were more than willing to discuss the merits of Loras without trying to be too overbearing.

“It was so hard for me to remain neutral when deep down I knew that Loras was the right fit for her,” Kathy said. “Loras had everything she was looking for but there was a huge flaw: mom and dad and MANY aunts and uncles and even her grandpa had attended Loras.”

“Lillian did an overnight visit at Loras and another school with the other school second,” Todd added. “I picked her up hoping she’d know that Loras was her choice and I was disappointed when she really liked the other school. I tried to be neutral, but of course it was difficult.”

After touring multiple schools, Lilian weighed her options before selecting Loras.

“The factor that helped make the decision was the spiritual life overnight. It took a lot of thought but eventually I decided on Loras. I slept on the decision to see if I felt the same in the morning. I made the final choice before going to school in the morning. On my walk to school that morning I heard the birds for the first time after a long winter and saw the most beautiful sunrise. I took this as a sign that I had made the right choice.”

With that decision, she follows in the footsteps of not only her parents, but her grandfather Tom Feltes (’71) and her aunts and uncles Ryan Spires (’98), Sarah (Feltes) Spires (’99), John Freund (’00), Amy (Feltes) Freund (’98), and Jane (Feltes) Hammer (’01).

Now that Lillian has moved into her residence hall and is starting her Loras experience, Kathy is just as excited about what lies ahead for her daughter.

“Loras College played a HUGE role in shaping me into the person I am today. While, I am sad that Lillian is ‘leaving the nest,’ I know first-hand how amazing the Loras experience can be. I am eager to watch the impact that Loras College will have on Lillian as she grows into the adult that God has planned for her.”

Todd is equally excited for his daughter to get to know her fellow Duhawks.

“Knowing our daughter, we know that the Loras family will help her grow and become a more independent and confident person. It is scary as a parent to send your child off, but we know the value of Loras and what the total experience has done for us and so many others.”