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Creating Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

Experts are predicting a workforce shortage in the U.S. of two million to fill science, technology, engineering and math-related occupations just within the next three years. Without intervention, the gap will only widen. To help meet this critical need, and building on Loras’ history of strength in the STEM fields, Loras has been educating STEM teachers with skills to better engage the next generation.

Recently, the College established a master’s degree and an endorsement in Integrated STEM education. Loras is now partnering with individuals and businesses to sponsor teachers by providing scholarship funds to participate in these programs.

Better teachers create better students. Better students create a better talent pool. A better talent pool creates more success in research, innovation, businesses and the economy.

Invest in the STEM Educational Outreach Program today. For information about the program and to enroll, please contact our graduate marketing specialist at 563.588.7140,  or To sponsor a teacher, please contact Josh Boots (’04), associate vice president for institutional advancement, at 563.588.7329, or email him at

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