From Zero to Fifty, It’s a Year to Celebrate

(L to R) Hannah Fritts (’17), Katie Kramer (’17),
Courtney O’Leary (’17)

Loras Homecoming, as a student, was one of the weekends I looked forward to the most during the year.  It is a time that is celebrated by many all across the country, coming together to celebrate one cause: Duhawk pride.  As a student, it was always great seeing people in the Dubuque area who had Duhawk pride but as a recent graduate of Loras, I have come to realize it is an entirely new ballgame.  Duhawks truly are everywhere, and this is why I cannot wait for October 6th to finally arrive.

I am coming back to Loras Homecoming this year to get back on campus, see friends, faculty and staff!  Loras College has such a positive atmosphere and there is no other way to describe it other than visiting our campus on the best weekend of the year!  This will be my first year as a Loras alumnae and I can’t wait to experience homecoming as a graduate of Loras and celebrate my Zero Year Reunion.  As a senior, I loved watching prospects visit our campus and see what they have in store for them in years to come.  I cannot wait to visit campus for the first time as an alumnus, get back together with my amazing class of 2017 and watch Loras students as they witness the best weekend of the year!

Join me, and encourage your friends and classmates to come back to Loras to share your Duhawk pride with the only people who know how!

– Hannah Fritts (’17)

Whether you are celebrating your Zero Year Reunion, your Fifty Year Reunion or just your Duhawk pride, come home October 6, 7 & 8 to join Hannah and thousands more for a weekend of fun.

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