Spiritual Life

Loras College & Human Dignity: Informing minds, opening hearts and removing barriers

The Loras College community desires to demonstrate strong moral leadership by making clear our position on diversity. Loras College condemns in the strongest terms the events and actions that took place recently in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as any act of hate, neo-Nazi allegiance, or white supremacy. We are all God’s children and are therefore all equal in God’s eyes.

As a Catholic college, we are called upon to be particularly attentive to the rich variety of people in the world. We seek to foster dialogue that will promote understanding, cooperation and respect. We value ecumenism, and collaboration among all people. In every dimension of what diversity entails, human dignity must always be maintained.

Loras, like other faith-based institutions, was founded on the principles of not only building intellectual capacity among its students, but it also desired to ensure that all students, regardless of faith, color, nationality, or personal identity could freely participate in a hate-free community while gaining access to higher learning.

Loras’ mission and values are in place so that we, as a community driven by faith, have the ability to better inform minds, open hearts and remove barriers. Our ability to further do so requires us to find ways to demonstrate empathy, respect and embrace difference, build relationships, and lead with love.

It starts with us and is what makes Loras Strong.

God Bless,

Anthony J. Reardon (‘72)
Chair, Board of Regents

James E. Collins (‘84)