Loras College Finance Student Experience

Finance students have an array of opportunity for extra curricular experience.  From our LIFE Portfolio class to off campus internships, we encourage you to be involved on and off campus.

One of the most novel offerings for Business related majors is the LIFE Portfolio Class where students actually manage part of the Loras College endowment in the stock market. The students have not only learned firsthand how to select and manage investments, they have in most periods garnered exceptional returns.

Loras’ Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter provides opportunities for our students to learn more about finance and business careers as well as network with professionals in finance and the business field. The club also provides students the opportunity to compete at the state and national levels in finance-related events and a broad range of other business-related topics.

One of the most popular campus events sponsored by our finance students is the Stock Market Game competition. Those who participate compete against each other by simulated investing in the stock market to grow the largest portfolio. Those who are at the top at the end of the competition each semester win valuable prizes. It is not only a tremendous learning opportunity for those who participate, it is also a fun activity, pitting student against student and student against faculty. The number of participants each semester has grown to over 80.

There is strong support for internships part-time during the academic year or full-time during your senior spring semester or summers.  Duhawk alumni are active in helping our finance students find great internships.