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Loras College is hosting its 3rd annual Business Analytics Symposium, March 25, 2015 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. The full-day conference is dedicated to exploring the data journey an organization must embark on to turn ideas into innovation, and practitioners will share relevant case studies, explore real problems and discuss radical solutions.

“The application of business analytics has never been as pivotal as in our current information-rich and data-driven environment. In today’s world of internet marketing, data warehousing and data and text mining, knowledge of analytics provides an enormous opportunity,” said Loras College MBA Program Director and Associate Professor of Business Analytics Dan Conway, Ph.D.

The symposium will commence with Tim Suther, managing director at JP Morgan Chase, taking a look at the enormous business analytics opportunities available to you, your company and your world. Suther will leave participants with knowledge about identifying these opportunities, positioning themselves and their company for these opportunities, prioritizing among the many opportunities that will inevitably be identified and being a world citizen while pursuing these opportunities.

Betsy McVay, executive director of analytics at UnityPoint Health will conclude the event by exploring her organization’s business analytics journey. Highlights from her keynote will include research of best practices, roadmap development, prioritization, differentiators and challenges related to developing analytics capabilities for a multi-state integrated healthcare system. Symposium attendees will learn why aligning with key strategies and mission is critical for the success of a high-functioning analytics team.

Between the aforementioned keynote presentations, attendees have the option of six breakout sessions and a hands-on risk management workshop. Breakout sessions will explore establishing a business analytics competency center (BAAC), how data-driven decisions are critical to providing an exceptional customer experience, why all data is not created equal and the importance and challenges associated with collecting the right data, how to create value with business analytics information and create a 360 degree customer view, using enterprise performance management (EPM) for budgeting and financial reporting and finally, positioning your business analytics program for success with a center of excellence (CoE).

The workshop will provide participants hands-on practical experience with conducting a risk analysis. Through a series of examples, attendees will gain an understanding of why risk analysis is important and how it is done while performing some elementary risk analyses and learning the current state-of-the-art methods in risk analysis. Participants will leave the workshop with a risk analysis template—a working model for practical application.

About the Loras College Center for Business Analytics
The Loras College Center for Business Analytics is the region’s leading institution focused on professional and organizational enhancement through the use of data science and analytic techniques. The Center is designed to meet the continuing education needs of today’s savvy professional looking to enhance their analytical skills through an MBA in business analytics or a 10-week, online certificate program.