Loras College has been awarded a $10,000 Dubuque Racing Association Grant. The grant funds will be used to support a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Educational Outreach Program that will provide hands-on instruction to Dubuque-area youth, while providing critical training and best practices to current and future STEM educators.
Using experiential learning in ways that introduce math, engineering and physics as fun and engaging, the program will deliver STEM activities to children ages 6-13 using real-life robotic technology, renewable energy kits and 3D printers. Programs will take place at St. Mark Youth Enrichment, as well as at a variety of events including Explorer Posts, the Loras Robotics and Astronomy Camp, the annual Math Competition and Engineering Science Nights.
The STEM Educational Outreach Program will also provide vital professional development and hands-on training opportunities for current and future teachers. Individuals enrolled in the Loras College master’s in integrated STEM education program and undergraduate programs in elementary or secondary education will work alongside Loras faculty experts to design, build and test the innovative curriculum.
Through its racing, gaming and entertainment facilities, Dubuque Racing Association, Ltd. provides for social, economic and community betterment and lessens the burden of Dubuque City and area government, while contributing to the growth and viability of Dubuque area tourism. The Association strives to support a broad range of non-profits, including organizations in education, health and human services, arts, culture, recreation, and civic and community development.
Launched on October 10, 2013, the Loras College $75 million Inspiring Lives & Leadership campaign is the largest fundraising campaign in the 176-year history of the College. In addition to raising funds to support student aid and faculty/staff professional development, the campaign seeks funds to build upon the launch of its MBA program, business analytics initiative and other academic programs.

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