Loras College Reveals Its Center for Inclusion & Advocacy

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Loras College unveiled the new name of the Center for Inclusion & Advocacy to replace existing Intercultural Programs Office name. This development will better encompass the scope of the department’s mission.

Center for Inclusion & Advocacy End of the Year Dinner

“This name more accurately reflects the focus of our center on centering the historically marginalized and working to support them towards graduation,” Sergio Pérez (’13), Director of the Center for Inclusion & Advocacy, said. “The name reflects not only what we are doing now but also showing what Loras can be done in the future.”

Loras College President Jim Collins (’84) said, “Loras has a long history of successfully educating first generation college students. As we have enrolled a more diverse student population in recent years, I am proud of the growth and strength of our programming. To that end, the more encompassing name change better represents the good work of our students and colleagues.”

The name change is a result of an overall update of the College’s focus on providing greater support to marginalized groups of students, which is a growing segment of the student population. Steven Parker was hired as the new assistant director of the Center for Inclusion & Advocacy in June to help expand services and education to first generation students as well as other affinity groups.

“This Center is more than just programming,” Parker said. “We advocate for all students including those who have been marginalized and who live with minoritized identities, while providing a space for them to come together and feel connected. By expanding our personnel to meet the needs of the students, faculty, staff and the Dubuque community, we want to continue to improve this environment so students can feel comfortable making Loras their home.”

“We are more than just a home for our domestic and international students of color,” Pérez added. “We are here for various groups, such as our LGBTQIA+/Queer, Latinx, and Black or African American students.”

The Center is also expanding the focus to the community at large in an effort to help educate and share experiences.

“The community should feel comfortable looking to us for discussing challenging topics, and for educational experiences,” Parker said. “We can provide information and training to help spark dialogues and strengthen unity within the community.”

The Center for Inclusion & Advocacy will be hosting these events this fall:

Center for Inclusion and Advocacy Open House, Alumni Campus Center, 3:30 PM, Saturday, September 21, 2019

First-Generation Reception, Alumni Campus Center, 4:00 PM, Saturday, September 21, 2019