Loras College unveils graduate program in school counseling

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Loras College will offer a new graduate program in school counseling in the fall. The program is specifically designed for individuals who plan to start a career as a licensed school counselor.

“This program builds upon a historic strength of Loras and meets the resource need of a growing number of children in our schools,” Jim Collins, president of Loras College, said. “The regional market contains very few programs of this type and we wanted to make sure area professionals had access to this educational opportunity.”

The two-year program includes seven core courses in psychology and three clinical courses in school counseling. The curriculum, taught by faculty in both the psychology and education fields, is designed to meet the professional competencies necessary to apply for licensure as a school counselor through the State of Iowa.

“The role of a school counselor goes beyond providing a core curriculum, assisting students with personal goals and future plans and counseling in individual or small-group settings. It branches into crisis response and, increasingly, advocacy for students, including referrals for additional assistance, consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, other educators and community organizations,” said Kimberly Tuescher, Ph.D., director of the new program. “The need for professionals trained to work with students in our schools will continue to grow and the positive impact school counselors leave is beyond measure.”

Tuescher successfully pioneered and directed the school counseling program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for 23 years. She held positions on the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Board and is past president of the Wisconsin Counseling Association, in addition to receiving notable state awards in leadership, supervision, and research related to the profession of school counseling.

The program is also a catalyst for other opportunities, including professional networking, career-oriented field experience and potentially gaining licensure outside of Iowa. Classes start at 4 p.m. or later during the week to help students maintain full-time jobs while working toward their degree.

“Loras believes that those who work full-time shouldn’t see their opportunity for professional growth be hampered by nine-to-five classes,” said Kimberly Roush, graduate marketing specialist. “We’re excited to be able to offer another program that can really help shape the lives of our future generation.”

For specific course information, including coursework and degree requirements, or to apply, contact Kimberly Roush, graduate marketing specialist, at 563.588.7140 or at Kimberly.roush@loras.edu.



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