Lucky to Be at Loras

PhilanthropyDayBy: Katie Bailey, Loras Student Alumni Council Campus Outreach Director

The Loras Student Alumni Council will host Philanthropy Day on March 17th, 2016. Philanthropy Day is celebration of both Loras Heritage and of Duhawk gratitude. Loras Student Alumni Council (LSAC) members will encourage students, staff, and faculty to give back to the College and to take time to recognize what a gift it is to be a part of the Loras community. As Philanthropy Day once again falls on St. Patrick’s Day, our theme will be a continuation of last year’s “Lucky to be at Loras.”

We’ll have four-leaf clover and gold coin cutouts on which students can write why they feel they are lucky to be at Loras. Last year, seeing all the different reasons posted on the wall of the Alumni Campus Center reminded me of how truly blessed I am to be a student at Loras College. It’s easy for students, myself included, to get burrowed down under the stress of classes and work, and to forget how blessed we are to be at such an amazing school.

Philanthropy Day is a chance to intentionally reflect on the opportunities that we have and the gifts we’ve received that have allowed us to continue our education at the collegiate level. It’s a day to give thanks, to connect with Duhawks past and present, and to celebrate our Loras heritage. We put our hearts into making this day a success to show how much we appreciate all those that support the college. The kindness and generosity of alumni and Loras benefactors does not go unappreciated.

Members of LSAC work year-round to increase philanthropy awareness and to educate students on the importance of supporting the college with whatever size gift they are able to donate. We try to emphasize to students that the act of donating is often more important than the actual amount. Whatever day it is, it’s important to appreciate the gifts that we have been given and to cultivate a greater sense of Duhawk gratitude.

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