A Daughter’s Inspiration Earns Molloy’s Commmunity Award

Pete Molloy ('84) and daughter Anna
Pete Molloy (’84) and daughter Anna

The Catholic Business Network of Indianapolis has awarded Pete (’84) & Julie Molloy with its Spirit of Community Award for their dedication to community volunteerism inspired by their faith and their daughter, Anna, who passed away in 2008.

The Molloy’s have always lived their lives as advocates of “community,” but never more so than the last two decades. Giving back and/or paying it forward to those in need have been deeply ingrained in their lives personally, professionally and spiritually.

While their upbringing helped shape them as ambassadors of goodwill, it was the birth, life and death of Anna, who inspired them to do even more. Anna was born with a rare life-threatening condition called Geleophysic Dysplasia that, in her early years, left her more in the hands of medical professionals and the confines of hospital walls than that which should be afforded to any child.

In 1998, Julie decided to take her blessings and pay it forward by volunteering with The Lord’s Pantry, a community “sidewalk” ministry on the near west side of Indianapolis that has grown into a multi-service community center under her volunteer leadership. Today, still under her leadership, that sidewalk ministry is now known as The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House and has served the needs of the impoverished community of Stringtown for more than 20 years.

Julie and Anna Molloy

While Pete was also heavily involved in the ministry, in 2004 he decided to accept the incredible gift of Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation (ACOLF). The foundation was formed by his colleagues who wished to do something special for young Anna, a little girl who despite her own challenges was determined to help other children like herself. Through the earliest years of the Foundation, approximately 15 children with special needs received life-enhancing gifts from ACOLF annually. Today, nearly 100 children per year are able to thrive because Pete’s determination to fulfill another part of his daughter’s legacy.

Julie has given selflessly since 2008 as the volunteer director of The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House, she has also given her time and talents to Perry Township schools as well as St. Jude Catholic School, where she served as PTO President. The self-described wine and travel enthusiast, is also active in her community as a member of St. Jude Catholic Church, and Catholic Business Professionals. Julie has also been recognized for her contribution to the community having received the MSD Wayne Township M.G. Raby Distinguished Service Award 2010-2011, Archdiocese of Indianapolis Spirit of Service Award 2010, the Angels of Grace ‘Angel Raphael’ Award 2010 presented by Sisters of St. Benedict of Our Lady of Grace Monastery. Most recently, she was recognized as a Launching New Dimensions of Service Family Strengthening honoree by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Mu Omega Chapter.

Pete is the co-founder and CEO of Jobsite Supply, Inc, a construction supplies company focused on providing innovative solutions to the construction industry. Pete has helped ensure that his commitment to community continues through Jobsite Supply’s generous support of countless causes around central Indiana and beyond. It didn’t take long for his industry colleagues and friends to recognize his compassion, having received a Community Service Award by the Ready Mix Association in 2014 and most recently, the Mike Vogel Humanitarian Award by the North Central Soccer Club in 2018.

It’s no surprise that this spirit of giving back has also continued in their son, Peter, who was greatly influenced and inspired by his younger sister. Today, Peter works in the field of mental health and addiction treatment in California with plans to return to Indianapolis this year.

Anna gave her entire family a renewed understanding of what it means to get up every day and appreciate life day by day. She too reminded them that God is the only one who controls what happens and our future, not us. Lastly, she taught them to live each day with respect for others, helping those in need and to watch out for each other.

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