Now More Than Ever

Tim SutherTim Suther (’82) is Senior Vice President at Change Healthcare and a member of the Loras College Board of Regents, reflects on the current state of country and the love we have for Loras College.

“As our country experiences a once in a lifetime pandemic (hopefully just once), I began to reflect anew why we love Loras. I find reflection helps me cope, and I thought it might do the same for you, particularly for those contemplating Loras as their college.”

“Principled thinking enables one to detect motivated reasoning (there’s plenty in political circles & social media). Principled thinking helps us learn from historical parallels (our country has been through smallpox, cholera and the 1918-9 flu pandemics). Principled thinking helps one ethically assess tradeoffs (shelter in place is needed, but millions have lost their economic livelihood). These are difficult issues that cannot be solved by science alone, let alone in a tweet. Fortunately, the Loras experience was designed to help you better understand the world and the people that inhabit it.”

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