Loras Prayer Chain Provides Support to Fellow Duhawks in Need

By: Sarah Mockler (‘20)

Sarah Mockler (‘20)

Now more than ever I feel my faith drew me to Loras College. I have felt the power of prayer personally and in my family and throughout my life I have seen firsthand the importance of faith.

My family and I have experienced some tough times and faith was one aspect that helped us through. Specifically, one challenge showed me how important prayer can be to me and how so many people from our faith community supported us. When my oldest brother was 19, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After his surgery and treatment, the support he and my family received was amazing! My brother maintained a positive attitude throughout and was rooted in his faith. He continues to place his trust in God because recently the cancer came back and he had to undergo more treatment. I know that he and my family and I rely on the prayers and support from our friends and family. From that experience I learned to lean on my faith and those around me.

Currently I am a junior at Loras majoring in Social Work and Psychology. During my time on campus, I have been blessed to meet some incredible people through the cross country team and through a variety of clubs. As a freshman I immediately got involved with Spiritual Life and to say my Loras experience has been amazing would be an understatement. I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to allow growth in many areas of my life.

Last year through FOCUS I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and immediately go to a FOCUS conference called SLS. Those two experiences ignited my desire to become more involved in my faith life and to share my faith with others. This year I was fortunate enough to participate in a Loras service trip to McKee, Kentucky over Thanksgiving break. That opportunity allowed me to gain more friendships and develop my faith life even deeper. I also help with retreats here on campus and off. These experiences allow me to share my story and guide others along the journey of faith.

This semester I began as one of the service and office assistant interns in Spiritual Life. As I thought about ways to unite our campus community and our Loras family, I started working on creating a Loras College prayer chain. I have always wanted to help others and through the Prayer Chain we all can lift each other up in prayerful support. To me this a wonderful extension of what it means to have “Duhawks Supporting Duhawks.” It is my desire that the Loras community knows that they are supported in all aspects of their lives.

To submit a prayer request, email PrayerChain@loras.edu. If you’d like to be part of the prayer team, contact Sarah.Mockler@loras.edu.