Track and Field Reunion – Hoping to Set a PR

Track and Field Reunion – Hoping to Set a PR

By Mike Cassaday (’73)

Some of the best ideas come when you get together with friends.

Last fall at Homecoming, my class (1973) celebrated our 45th reunion. It was wonderful to spend time with two of my very good friends, Mark Pilcher and Mike Cosgrove. In fact, we often refer to ourselves as the three “M’s.” The more we talked the more we wanted to get more Duhawks back to campus.

Thus was born the Track and Field reunion idea.

All three of us had been on the ’69 to ’73 indoor and outdoor track teams, and I also ran on the cross country team. The commitment of student athletes and the balancing of studies and competition kept us busy. As an example, just for the indoor and outdoor teams, we participated in at least 80 practices and around 20-25 meets, with more than half away. To say we spent a lot of time with teammates is an understatement, and a lot of things happened!

We know how much we enjoyed reliving our college experience and thought others would too, so we reached out to a few other teammates from 1966-1976 and the response has been amazing. Thanks to Dan Schlader for joining the three “M’s!” The planning meetings and contacting our former teammates has already been our reward. We want to be as inclusive as possible and are also connecting with prior coaches and significant supporters of the teams.

Homecomings are fun but they are even more interesting when your classmates or teammates are there! Mark your calendar now for Saturday, Oct. 12 to join in on the fun. We have a tailgate spot reserved and invite everyone to stop by beginning at 10:30 a.m. To capture what we know will be a great turnout, we invite you to be part of a team photo at 1:15 p.m. Further information will be provided later.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you.

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