Twisted River Curtain Call


This fall marked the end of the Twisted River faculty and staff play trilogy and record-setting attendance and funds raised for the faculty-staff scholarship, awarded to a current Loras student each year. Twisted River of Redemption, performed by 36 of Loras’ very own, including Kyle Klapatauskas (’04), director of admission and creator of the trilogy, was enjoyed by 746 people, according to ticket sales. At least since the play’s resurgence and the first Twisted River play in 2012, this is the highest attendance.

The tradition of the faculty and staff play started in 1990 and this year was the 10th production staged. Because Klapatauskas has written the last three scripts, more of the funds raised from the play are able to go toward the student scholarship. As an undergraduate, Kyle was involved with Loras Players and now serves on the committee that makes the faculty and staff plays possible every other year.

Writing the plays internally has also allowed the script to integrate references to Loras and Dubuque, usually as “inside jokes,” additionally building comradery and morale. “Being able to laugh at yourself is a huge part of the plays and really seems to engage the students and community that are in the audience. We know we have wrinkles; we’re not perfect, but we can laugh at them,” Klapatauskas explained.