Rahel Nshimirimana (’22)
Biochemistry and Neuroscience
George Washington High, Cedar Rapids Iowa

Rahel Nshimirimana (’22)
Biochemistry and Neuroscience

List your on-campus (and off-campus) involvement:

  • Center Experiential Learning Volunteer
  • Campus Admission Ambassador
  • Admission Call Center Representative
  • First Generation Scholars Program
  • Class Representative Student Union
  • College Activities Board
  • Mock Trial
  • Black Student Union

What advice would you give a high school student in their college search?
Don’t feel like you have to go where all of your friends are going, or where your parents went. Go somewhere you can start your own adventure. Find a place that makes you feel like you could grow there.

Share a situation that has positively influenced you at Loras.
The Loras Intercultural Student Association [L.I.S.A.] hosted Galena, Illinois middle school students for a campus visit. For the visit, I had the opportunity to organize the volunteers, coordinate the tour routes, and setup up the student panel. With the help of the student ambassadors, First Generation scholars, CEL office, which had given this opportunity, the biology department, and the engineering department,  I was able to offer the Galena students an experience that could potentially inspire them to start thinking about college.

Why do you love Loras College?
The faculty and staff on campus are amazing ! You will have people come up to you and introduce themselves to you and ask to get to know you. They will always bring opportunities to you and if you reach out to them, the opportunities will be endless. You get to build who you want to be at Loras College, and the faculty and staff are right beside you to help you along the way.