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The Loras Press currently operates two publication series. The first series is the “Select Publications” project, which is published by the Loras College Center for Dubuque History. The second series is “Frank and Ida Goedken Series,” which publishes books exploring the broad themes of Catholic identity, Catholic education, and the spirituality of the American Midwest. 

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Select Publications:
Loras College Center for Dubuque History

A City at Work,
Photography / History Volumes

The Loras College Center for Dubuque History announces the recent publication of two, high quality, photography/history books, A City at Work: Dubuque, 1912 and A City at Work: Dubuque, 2012, both part of its “Select Publications” series.

A City at Work: Dubuque, 1912, by Tim Olson and Mike Gibson, features prints from a collection of glass plate negatives taken in 1912 and housed in the Loras College Center for Dubuque History. The volume also includes a series of essays based on research that relates to the photographs. 184-page hardbound 9 x 11.5 first edition. $34.95

The second volume, A City at Work: Dubuque, 2012, shares photos by Tim Olson of many of the same locations as the 1912 glass plate set or similar occupations 100 years later. 104-page softbound first edition 9 x 11.5. $24.95.

The volumes can be purchased together for $50.00 and are available from the Loras College Barnes & Noble Bookstore by visiting https://loras.bncollege.com/shop/loras/products/gifts-accessories/home-recreation/specialty-books?parentSubCatIdFlag=true

Julien Dubuque :
Portrait of a pioneer

by Robert Klein

A new, full-length biography of Julien Dubuque has been long overdue. Here, Dubuque author Robert F. Klein presents a fully researched and documented study of the life of this Iowa pioneer who deserves a much greater reputation than he has so far achieved. This first white settler in Iowa lived in harmony with his Native American neighbors in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, engaging in farming, lead mining, general trading at a time when the United States was just in its early formation period with its thirteen colonies on the east coast. Dubuque, however, was living in the western wilderness on lands controlled by Spain, France, or England–at various times. He established a small trading post where a village of 30 or so people worked and lived in the backwoods. This book describes the life and times of this intrepid Frenchman–Julien Dubuque.

Sold by Loras Barnes and Noble and also at Dubuque River Lights Bookstore https://riverlights.indielite.org/book/9780578629209 for $24.95

The Frank and Ida Goedken Series:
Spiritual Life in the Upper Mississippi River Valley

The Kucera Center operates the Frank and Ida Goedken Series and makes the following items available. All publications by Loras College Press are held under the copyright of Loras College. To order, please send a check (payable to Loras College) or contact David Cochran at David.Cochran@loras.edu or 563.588.7262 for other payment options.

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Ropes In Water
Selected poems of Robert R. Beck

General Editor: John C. Waldmeir
Copyright: Rev. Robert R. Beck
Published: Loras College, Dubuque, IA. 2021

The breadth of Rev. Robert R. Beck’s talents and accomplishments are suggested by the titles he holds: Archdiocesan Priest, Professor Emeritus (Loras), nationally-known scripture scholar, social justice activist, musician, composer, artist, and poet. The Loras Press is extremely proud to offer a sampling of his work, now in both electronic and print formats. Please take a moment to explore our website, and if you wish to purchase a copy of his recent book of poems, Ropes in Water, you may do so at the Loras College Bookstore or the Dubuque River Lights Bookstore.

View samples of Rev. Robert Beck’s homilies, art, and music.

Ropes In Water - Beck
“They Returned to Jerusalem in Search of Him”
A Lament Prayer Service and Reflection to Remember Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse
Frank and Ida Goedken Series “Spiritual Life in the Upper Mississippi River Valley”: #6.

General Editor: John C. Waldmeir
Copyright: Loras College, Dubuque, IA. 2019
Available to download PDF free of charge.
A prayer service held at Loras College September, 2018. They service includes the text of four speakers: Deacon Jerry Jorgensen; Father William Joensen; Ms. Tricia Borelli, Director of the Loras Counseling Center; Dr. Amanda Osheim, Associate Professor of Religious Studies/Theology.  The service also includes artwork from Father Robert Beck, Priest of the Archdiocese. Originally published in a large, 11×17 format, the twelve-page service is available for free download in any size (simply indicate your preference on your computer when you prepare to print).

Loras Press
Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Signing of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

Edited by Janine Marie Idziak and Winston D. Persaud 
Available to download PDF free of charge.
The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (JDDJ) healed the main point of doctrinal division between Lutherans and Roman Catholics at the time of the Reformation.  This volume makes available the theological reflection on the JDDJ and the ecumenical movement, and the shared prayer of Lutherans and Roman Catholics, at a symposium held in Dubuque, Iowa in February 2015.  It provides a model for others to use in pursuing Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogue in local church settings.

Developing Responsible Contributors: Human Dignity Issues in the Sport Business Industry

By Matthew Garrett
Softcover – $12, or download PDF free of charge.
Drawing on his own experiences in the world of sports—as a participant, parent, coach, official, and professor of sports studies—Garrett combines memoir, research, and critical investigation to explore a host of issues tied to the Catholic value of human dignity in the sport business industry. These include hazing, the objectification of women, the exploitation of athletes, the culture of on-line sports commentary, sports violence, the behavior of parents and spectators, and more.

Responsible Contributers
Man of Deeds: Bishop Loras and the Upper Mississippi River Valley Frontier

By Thomas E. Auge, edited by Amy Lorenz, with a preface by Andrew J. Auge
Hardcover – $15
From the French Revolution sweeping through the streets of Paris to a steam boat churning past the Iowa prairie, Man of Deeds chronicles the amazing life and times of Bishop Mathias Loras. Learn how the son of a father killed under the guillotine and the childhood friend of future saint Jean-Marie Vianney gave up a promising career in the Catholic hierarchy of Europe to become a missionary on the American frontier, establishing Catholicism in what is today Iowa and Minnesota, as well as parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, a task that required not only deep spiritual strength but a healthy dose of savvy land deals, adroit fundraising, and delicate political maneuvering as well.

Man of Deeds Book
Skiing at Midnight: A Nature Journal from Dubuque County, Iowa

By Kevin Koch
Softcover – $12
Nature-writer Kevin Koch trains a keen eye on the world of one particular place, but through the descriptive qualities of his prose and the images he sets to poetry, we find ourselves traveling across a landscape that is at once outside of us and deeply interior.

Skiing at Midnight Book Cover
Foundations: The Letters of Mathias Loras, D.D., Bishop of Dubuque

Transcribed, translated, and edited by Robert F. Klein, assisted by Sr. Benventua Bras
Hardcover – $20
This collection of letters written by Mathias Loras, the first Bishop of Dubuque and founder of Loras College, tells the story of his life in his own hand, from his early days in France to his missionary travels to setting up the Diocese of Dubuque.

Foundations Book Cover
Go Forth and Teach

Edited by Rev. Thomas Toale
Hardcover – $15
A history of all the Catholic schools that served the Archdiocese of Dubuque since its founding, including individual stories and memories of many who served at local sites across Northeastern Iowa.

TeachGoForward Book Cover
Parish History: Catholic life in the Archdiocese

The Dubuque Archdiocesan Archives and the Center for Dubuque History at Loras College have combined their parish history holdings to create a remarkable collection of materials that help to tell the story of Catholic life in the Archdiocese. Learn More

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