Spiritual Life Interns

Loras College Department Staff

Chris Zaragoza
Peace and Justice Intern

Emma Woefel 
Discovery Intern

Grace Shockman 
Better Together and Interfaith Intern

Harriet Siegrist 
Sustainability Intern

Isabelle Werner 
Peace and Justice Intern

Jacob Till 
Liturgy Intern

Jenna Roskoph
Spiritual Life Intern

Laura Brinez
Care for Creation Intern

Macy Helle 
Faith Formation Intern

Max Bliese
Discovery Intern

Nathalia Bernal Lugo
Cultural Expressions of Catholicism Intern

Sarah Mockler
Antioch and TREC Trips Intern

Shae Slaven 
TREC Trips Intern

Valentina Camelo
Cultural Expressions of Catholicism

Wah Wah Lwin 
Interfaith Intern